Relax at the foot of the Rila Mountains

Our relaxation area is a unique place of the highest class, which will contribute to your relaxation, regeneration of spirit and body and charging with good

Relaxation Zone

Depending on your preferences, here you can enjoy:

Swimming Pools

Enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water of our large indoor pool, measuring 4/14 m, constant water temperature of 28 °C, and air temperature of 35 °C.

Swimming is among the activities that significantly reduce stress.  The design of the swimming hall – with its mirror surfaces and photos of Rila, further affects your inner harmony and transports you to the majestic atmosphere of the mountain.

During the warm months of the year, our guests can also enjoy our outdoor pool.


Complete relaxation and harmony in a peaceful atmosphere. Relax among the water cyclone of bubbles as the jets massage the muscles and help eliminate fatigue. 

The water jet affects the cells in depth. Enhances blood circulation and metabolism, affects the reduction of cellulite. The jacuzzi accommodates up to 5 people at a time.


The traditional sauna is an effective way to cleanse the body of toxins, recharge and reduce stress. Start by taking a warm shower to prepare your body. 

After staying in the sauna, relax for at least half an hour in the relaxation area with a fluffy towel to keep warm, and tea or water to restore hydration.

Herbal sauna

The beneficial effect of the traditional sauna is complemented by the effect of aromatherapy.  Extremely useful for the spirit and body. It relieves you of toxins without burdening the respiratory system with hot air.

It affects your senses and spirit with the delicate aroma of herbs picked in the Rila Mountains. The air temperature is 40-50 °C and humidity up to 40%.

Finnish Sauna

The high temperature and the low humidity predispose to a thorough cleansing of the body from toxins. The temperature is 90 °C, and the humidity of the air is regulated by watering the hot stones with water. 

The stay is between 5 and 15 minutes, it is individual for each organism, alternating it with a cold shower or an ice bath with the same duration.

Infrared Sauna

The sauna is heated between 40 and 50°C by infrared rays. They penetrate a depth of 1 cm into the skin, while being extremely safe and are increasingly used for the treatment and recovery of athletes, as well as for treating sinusitis. 

In the infrared sauna, the body is heated directly by the rays, with the airremaining at normal temperature. The body expels toxins, cellular metabolism increases, improves blood circulation and tissue oxygen supply. 

Steam Bath

The healing power of the steam combined with aromatherapy and relaxing music will free you from stress and make you feel like you are reborn. 

Our steam bath is large, accommodates 8 people and allows you to relax in peace. The air temperature is 50°C, the humidity is 90%.

Kneipp Trail

Improves blood circulation, microcirculation and metabolism. There is a tonic and healing
impact. Alternating hot and cold water create a feeling of lightness, relaxation and energization. 

To a large extent, it resembles the alternation of a sauna cycle – warm with cold, but with a concentrated feeling on the feet and lower legs. 

Ice Bath

The ice corner is a modern way to cool the body after heat treatments in the Finnish sauna and steam bath. 

After each sauna session, we recommend cooling your body, as otherwise the effect of the heat procedures would drop sharply. You'd be surprised how tender and pink your skin will be for hours afterward.

Relaxation Area

After a tour of the various spa facilities, we recommend a short break. Relax on the warming benches and feel how the heat literally sucks the accumulated stress into the neck muscles and shoulders, and your body is filled with bliss. 

After such a smooth transition to the usual daily activities, you will feel rested and energized.